Like all healthcare employees in Turkey, our aim is to provide fast, reliable and quality service with accurate diagnosis and treatment methods in order to meet the needs and expectations of our patients.

With our employees, who have taken respect as principle and show all sacrifices for their patients, we aim to be a healthcare facility which our patients leave with satisfaction.

About Us

Güney Tıp Özel Sağlık Hizmetleri A.Ş., which determined that public healthcare facilities cannot provide healthcare services at a contemporary level in Kusadasi, an important tourist spot, decided to make a hospital investment in 1997. Company shareholders, most of whom are physicians, completed the construction and organization process in a short period of 1 year and they opened the hospital on 13.03.1998. Private Kusadasi Hospital has a usage area of 5400 m² in the city center. With an average room size of 24 m², our hospital is equipped with modern medical devices as well as any facilities that provide maximum comfort for the patient and their companion.

Our Commitments

  • There will be no discrimination against patients on the grounds of race, language, religion, gender, class, social and political community,
  • A health service giving utmost priority to patient safety will be provided
  • Patients will be dealt with by a physician who is not intervened
  • In the case of interventions and treatment methods that will impair a patient’s body integrity and affect their quality of life in the future as a mandatory consequence of their treatment, the patient’s or their guardian’s consent will be obtained (except in emergency cases)
  • The secrets about a patient’s disease will always be kept confidential, except otherwise is requested by law,
  • Patients will be informed about their illness,
  • Patients will be informed about their illness,
  • Patients will be warned about possible complications as a result of treatment,
  • Patients will be informed at every step of the treatment,
  • Patients will be informed about material and moral consequences of the treatment,
  • Patientst will be given the right to consult another physician about their illness or choose a physician.
  • Inpatients will be given a discharge summary (a summary of patient file) during discharge,
  • Patients will make decisions about their lives, including agreement or objection.

Our Quality Policy

  • Observe laws and be sensitive to patient rights
  • Follow technological innovations and scientific developments
  • Genial management approach with quality consciousness
  • Provide effective and efficient, reliable health services
  • Oversee expectations and satisfaction of our patients, employees, suppliers
  • Provide better working environment and occupational safety to our employees
  • Improve quality awareness and team approach with continuous education
  • Be sensitive to protection of nature and the environment
  • Ensure improvement and development with continuous reviews in accordance with quality management system.