Delivery Room

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Delivery Room

Our delivery rooms have a delivery room equipped with modern devices, a labor room and a newborn unit equipped with phototherapy device and an incubator.

We provide service with our experienced doctor, midwife and nurse team 24 hours/7 days.

Services Provided in Delivery Room

  • Natural delivery
  • Painless normal delivery (epidural/spinal)
  • Incubator care for infants
  • Examination of newborn immediately after birth by a pediatrician, phenylketonuria screening,
  • Endometrial curettage and biopsies under local or general anesthesia

Services Provided at Birth;

  • Initial checks of the infant will be performed at delivery site and then the infant will be transferred to infant room, where s/he will be bathed and clothed.
  • We are a baby friendly hospital so we make sure that the infant is always by his/her mother’s side except necessary circumstances (such as nappy change, doctor examination).
  • You are safe 24 hours in our adult and newborn intensive care units against all risks that may occur during delivery.
  • Experience and empathy are the most important features of our team.
  • Our infant nurses will provide necessary care for your infant in accordance with hygiene rules.
  • You will be trained by our infant nurses on breastfeeding and benefits of breast milk.

Please request the birth certificate, the certificate of your most special day, from medical accounting office.