Emergency Department

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(+90 256 613 16 16)

Emergency Department of our hospital provides service 24 hours/7 days under the control of a professional team. This team also performs physician work in regular medical floor in the evenings.

Our specialist doctors and Emergency Medicine technicians strive to provide efficient, continuous and quality service. Any laboratory and radiological workups of patients presenting to emergency department can be performed throughout 24 hours.

Our emergency department has an intervention room, a plaster cast room, and examination cabins.

Any patient presenting to our emergency department receives emergency care, immediately undergoes appropriate workups and treatments and is transferred to a respective specialist.

We have 3 fully-equipped ambulances, which provide inpatient transfer or transfer of potential patients. Our patient transfer teams, comprised of a physician, an emergency medicine technician and an experienced ambulance driver, ensure that patients or injured people are transferred securely, with their vital findings being supported.