Human Resources

We, Employees of Kuşadasi Hospital

Give priority to patient satisfaction and providing quality service,

Believe in the continuity of education,

aim to train new leaders with our leading team,

The basic responsibility of our employees in all the systems we have developed in our hospital is to improve oneself and one’s work in order to add value to the institution and oneself.


Our recruitment process is aimed at bringing in competent and innovative people who comply with our human resources policy, have behavioral and professional knowledge and skills applicable to the respective position, believe in teamwork, are open to learning and improving one’s work.

This process is coordinated with the Human Resources department and the departments that need staff.

Our Training and Development Opportunities

We provide our employees with internal and external trainings that improve our employees’ behavioral skills in line with our culture and values as well as their knowledge and skills that will contribute to their duties.

We work with the goal of creating a professional business environment and career development opportunities that will continuously improve the motivation of the employees by developing processes and systems that will continuously improve quality.

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