Intensive Care Visits


Your patient is our guest and stays in our hospital to receive treatment.

The patients in Intensive Care Unit have a high risk of life threatening condition and require intensive care.

Our unit is closed to general patient visit. Due to the critical specific conditions of our patients, only next of kin (mother-father-wife) is allowed to see the patient once a day under special conditions.

Our guidelines are designed to prevent patient care and treatment. You may see your patient in the Intensive Care Unit upon permission of the respective Physician or Anesthesiologist at times specified by the Physician.

At the time of your visit to see your patient in intensive care, with the help of Intensive Care Nurse;


  • Disinfect your hands using hand antiseptic in intensive care entrance hall.
  • Do not sit on patient beds; you may sit on the chair provided at bedside.
  • Do not contact with patients other than your patient.
  • It is forbidden to bring in things like flowers, food or drinks.
  • There are special rules (isolation) rules for some patients. If this applies to your patient, Intensive Care Nurse will inform you)
  • Only one patient relative is allowed to enter the unit at the same time. Do not insist on this matter.
  • Empty the room without causing troble to staff when it’s time to provide treatment to the patients and in case of emergency.
  • “Patient Family Waiting Area” has been reserved for you. You can wait in that section.
  • You can contact the intensive care unit nurse by pressing the doorbell by the entrance door. You may ask for assistance from the advisory staff to meet with the respective physician.
  • Washbasin and toilet for families are available at the ground floor of the hospital.
  • Our canteen, which may provide what you need, is available at the ground floor of the hospital.
  • Thank you for observing the Intensive Care Unit Rules by considering the health and wellbeing of your patient.

Dr. Öztekin Yüce