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Although the last quarter century is a very small slice of human history, the progress and knowledge accumulated in the medical field constitute a considerable part of the overall medical development in history.
An important part of these dizzying developments has come to the forefront in the field of clinical laboratory and led to the emergence of the concept of “Evidence-based Medicine” today. Accordingly, in the case of diagnosis and treatment of a disease, clinical data as well as objective laboratory data are used systematically in a supportive and confirmatory manner.

In medical practices, the best examples of which we see in developed countries, quality, significant and cost-effective healthcare is provided through a dynamic service triangle comprising a knowledgeable clinician closely following latest developments and a conscious patient and a laboratory with advanced skills and facilities.

Private Kuşadası Hospital is aware of its duty within the said service triangle. In order to achieve high standards and increase the level of quality service, quality indicators included in Hospital Laboratory Quality Control Program are monitored on a monthly basis. This study allows accurate measurements to be done in Clinical Laboratory and at the same time follow up pre- and post-analysis examinations.

The laboratory aims to perform laboratory tests required for diagnosis and treatment follow ups of both inpatients and outpatients as quickly as possible at a reasonable price and always provide a satisfactory service always beyond the expectations of patients and requesting physicians.

Laboratory staff and other laboratory personnel are regularly trained. Clinical laboratories provide 24 hours uninterrupted service with their educated, experienced, dynamic spirited, tolerant staff believing in team work and respecting human rights. Laboratory staff with work philosophy, who love their work, strive to work in a willing, functional and productive manner.