Pediatric Health and Diseases

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Pediatric Health and Diseases department of Private Kusadasi Hospital provides healthy child follow-up service as well as diagnosis and treatment of patients in the period from newborn term up to 16 years of age. Our hospital has the title of Baby Friendly Hospital and provides training and support on postpartum breastfeeding. Phototherapy is applied in the treatment of newborn jaundice using devices showing effect in a short time.

In case of problems related to breastfeeding, a specialist doctor and baby nurse from our unit provide help and assistance with breastfeeding as well as pumping breastmilk.Updated vaccination schedule is followed during babyhood and parents are informed about the vaccinations. During the period when the baby is started on supplementary food, information is provided about nutrition and follow-up is performed.

Diagnosis and treatment of children’s diseases are provided to outpatients and inpatients, where necessary.

Our outpatient clinic operates according to a booking system, however, in case of an emergency and under special circumstances, patients’ examinations and laboratory results are assessed as soon as possble. Our outpatient clinic was specially designed for our patients and provides service in a cozy and playful environment.